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High Speed Broad Area Friction Sweepers

Dealing with debris is a critical safety concern in fast-paced environments like sports fields, airports, race tracks and athletic arenas where quick and effective cleaning is essential but mostly often challenging.

Leveraging decades of innovation, our advanced high speed sweeping solutions not only tackle debris efficiently but also enhance operational safety, reduce maintenance time and costs.

Opting for our systems ensures unparalleled cleanliness and safety on your surfaces, marking a new standard in debris management.

All FSI products are covered by a lifetime warranty. 

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FSI Turf

Enhance your synthetic turf maintenance with the Turf Chief. Quickly and effectively remove all organic and environmental debris to stop weeds, moss and algae and have your surface in A1 playing condition year round.


FSI Aviation

Dealing with Foreign Object Debris (FOD) in airports and military bases saves time, money and lives. Discover the transformative impact of the FOD Commander.


FSI Racing

The RTD Eliminator is a groundbreaking solution designed to revolutionise the way race tracks handle debris, ensuring a cleaner, safer and more reliable racing experience.


FSI Athletics

The Track Marshall / TrackSweep keeps athletic tracks debris-fee, enhancing both safety and quality of performance for athletes. Experience a game-changer in facility maintenance with the ability to sweep an 8 lane track from edge to edge in under 15 minutes.


Our Partners

We’ve implemented the FSI Hockey Sweep at Perth Hockey Stadium. The Hockey Sweep is quick and easy to use and we can already see the difference the updated design makes.

Our maintenance team are extremely happy with the quality and sturdiness of the product and our turf has never looked better.

We’re already exploring the possibility of the tandem setup! Very happy overall and the team at Friction Sweepers International are exceptional to deal with.

Hockey WA – Operations Manager
Lachlan Wilkins

The FieldSweep is really fast and easy to use. It leaves the field looking great and it helps to move the fibres around, stand them up or lay them in a pattern if that’s what we need.

We have times when we’ve got a 12 hour window to flip a field from a soccer pitch to a football field. We bring out the FieldSweep, especially with the tandem bar, which can save us a lot of time.

I would recommend the FieldSweep to anyone using a synthetic surface.

Head Groundsman, Mercedes Benz Stadium
Nick Pappas

We’ve been using the FSI RTD Eliminator for 4 years and from day one have been really impressed. It’s so easy for one person to use, super fast and very effective at picking up the large amount of debris we get on the track. The Track Marshal collects excess tyre rubber, stones, sand, nuts, bolts, screws and any other rubbish.

We’ve tried large industrial street sweepers before and found the Track Marshal does a much better job – it doesn’t miss anything. We use them before and after club days and non-stop at every break in racing when the V8 Supercars are here. They even bring 4 of their own. Every race track should be using them.

Sandown Race Track Site Manager
Angelo Arena

The Garry Berry Stadium in Colorado Springs regularly hosts a wide range of athletics meets which means the track needs to be constantly swept and prepared for training and competition days.

We used to spend a full day or more sweeping the track using blowers and brooms. Using the TrackSweep has made a big difference for our maintenance team who can now sweep the track from edge to edge in under 15 minutes with one sweeper.

This gives up greater flexibility of sweeping times, allows us to sweep the track not just when it’s scheduled but more importantly when it’s needed and frees up our maintenance team for other jobs. The TrackSweep and FieldSweep have cut sweeping times on our track and football field by up to 95% and they’ve never looked in better condition.

Director of Athletics, District 11
Christopher Noll


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